Magnetic Highway


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After two self-released cassettes and one CDR, we're happy to share new music by Providence's Matthew Kattman, who performs as The Rainbow Body. Using the guitar and an arsenal of effects on Magnetic Highway, Kattman collects six equally massive drone soundscapes that teem with melodic beauty and interstellar textures. The shoegaze influence is quite apparent in Kattman's work, and fans of more recent purveyors of the style like Fennesz, Jefre Cantu- Ledesma, and the first Belong album will find plenty to adore here. Kattman puts his own cosmic stamp on the style, though, by allowing deep, rich tones in each piece stretch out and shimmer to the glorious end.
-Tranquility Tapes

Video courtesy of Moduli TV:

"This cassette, true to its name, takes you on a “magnetic highway” that swells, breathes and blooms with life like a scenic commute down the 280 Interstate, but with a hushed subtlety that keeps this journey strictly within your mind and the ether in which it wanders."
-Decoder Magazine

"Matthew Kattman is The Rainbow Body, and creates soundscapes with more richness and spirit than any ambient music I’ve heard before. His newest release Magentic Highway is deep, highly textural drone pieces with absolutely zero boundaries. This LP/EP (thing) unleashes a tidal-wave of sound that spills and stretches on and on for a healthy half-hour long play-time, and deals with a scope of sound that really spatializes music in a way I have never experienced. To me this release sounds bright - not like positive bright, I mean like unbearably bright. Like hot, almost. Something you might hear out in a hot sandy desert, or near the sun, or even on down the dark tunnel on the verge of death. I can’t wait to get into The Rainbow Body a bit more because Magnetic Highway is truly breathtaking. Check it out."

"For those seeking an elevated ambient space through which to consider our insignificance within the scope of the universe, they have found it. Sounds like a lone starship, powerless in the gravity of a black hole, each choice of melody and texture pulling your ear drums closer to the ultimate end."
-Guide Me Little Tape

"Kattman is crafting some celestial sprawl here, his electric guitar expanding out in all directions to create a sonorous noise that feels both invasive and effusive at the same time - immersion through the pores, through osmosis. It's hypnotic light shining forth, rising and falling like synthetic breaths - its majesty incarnate. With earplugs."
-Sonic Masala

"Deep foamy texture baths, twinkling like stars reflected in the ocean, glowing like paper lanterns. One to dissolve into."
-Theosophical Society

"Throughout, Kattman’s guitars shimmer like vistas viewed through a distant heat haze, or lights of a distant metropolis on the horizon. For those who are less equipped at equating sound with landscapes: this is epic sounding stuff. Powerfully evocative and emotional at the same time, Magnetic Highway is an intensely affecting work and one I keep returning to again and again."
-Absent With Concept


released June 1, 2013

Matt Kattman - guitar, effects, loops
Recorded Dec 2012-Feb 2013 @ The Rainbow Body Sound Lab
Released on cassette by Tranquility Tapes
Artwork by Caroline Teagle
TQ48 © 2013



all rights reserved


THE R∆INBOW BODY Providence, Rhode Island

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